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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Even in his prime, that's a very good player. The vast majority of players in the NHL won't touch this totals, let alone touch them with consistency.

Shafer just claimed that Couterier bar is above Brind'amour. Ya know, a guy with 1184 points in the NHL.

He may do that, but his analysis is ridiculous.
I never claimed any bar was above Brind'Amour. I said he has more offensive POTENTIAL. Do you know what the hell POTENTIAL is or are you trolling?

Brind'Amour's point totals are nice and all, but do you consider him a world class offensive player?

He was certainly a top line offensive threat for years, but it was his longevity that got him 1184 points.

Couturier has more potential than Brindy offensively. I don't necessarily think he'll ever reach that though. It'd be pretty hard.

Frankly, Brindy, Richards, E. Staal...that's the kind of offensive output I'm expecting if everything goes right.

Once again though, you're overreacting; ever the dramatist.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
The only person on this board that is more ridiculously over the top with optimism than you when it comes to young players.

The issue is not whether Couterier has the potential to score more than Jordan Staal, but your characterization that such production would be disappointing. Which is a display of considerable ignorance with regard to what players actually produce in the NHL.

If Couterier turns into Jordan Staal, then we got an extremely good player.
Oh look, it's the "Shafer is a homer" comment.

I'm glad even you can get original too.

You can't be disappointed by a player turning into Jordan Staal? "I'm so disappointed our potential M. Richards with more offensive potential turned into J. Staal."

If that happens, watch me. I'll be so excited that we got Jordan Staal out of that.

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