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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
The statistical analysis does not matter.

You're entire argument is based on the premise that Jordan Staal becomes better than he is, therefore becomes on the level of the other players mentioned.

My entire premise is based on the idea that I would be disappointed if Couturier didn't become as good as the other players mentioned and therefore better than I feel Jordan Staal currently is (and I feel better than Jordan Staal will be).

So basically, I'm right either way you argue this.
Actually, no, if Jordan Staal plugs along for the next 15 years putting up 20+ goals and 40+ points while providing his stellar defense he's going to have had an absolutely fan-*ing-tastic career. Do I think he's going to have better years than that? Yes.

Lets assume Jordan Staal has a 20 year career in the NHL... and plays roughly 1450 NHL games. His current rates of production (with no prime year uptick, which even you should admit are likely -- even I don't think you're that dumb) would make his end of career totals: 377-406-783. This ignores that his assist rate has gone up every single year he has played thus far.

If he ends up at an average close to what he did last year, his end of career totals would be: 377-653-1030.

That's with a modest 0.26/0.45 G/APG pace. You would be disappointed if that was Couturier career.

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