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Originally Posted by Rhodes 81 View Post
the pitcher's job is to not let the other team score, right? so why is the average number of runs the pitcher let's the other team score a bad stat? can you please tell me that.
It isn't hard to understand, but I'll explain anyway.

Wins and ERA are bad stats for individual players because they take into account elements beyond the control of the pitcher. Three of the major components that contribute to ERA are park factors, team defense, and luck. A stat that relies heavily on the entire team is not a good metric to judge individual players. You wouldn't use total goals allowed to judge a goalie (unless you're an idiot), so why would you use ERA to judge a pitcher? It's the same thing. ERA would only be a "good" stat if the pitcher was the only factor in run prevention. He isn't, not by a longshot.

Stats like FIP, xFIP, tRA, and SIERA do not include things beyond the control of the pitcher, thus they paint a significantly more accurate picture. Defense independent pitching stats have been statistcally proven, multiple times, to be better indicators of future performance than ERA.

Jurrjens has had an excellent season thus far, but if you examine the most accurate, advanced metrics, you will see that the Phillies' big three has clearly been better.

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