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07-10-2011, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
The things with closeout skates is that 1) the retailers will probably only have the odd sizes remaining, 2) hard to find and that 3) only the older models are going to be on clearance now.

If you're looking at Supreme, you aren't going to find One90s unless you go the ebay route. Probably the same with the One95s though if you DO find retailers that carry them, you'll have 1) to deal with.

Regarding the X:60s, I hope you realize that there are 2E widths, wider than the standard D right?

If you want to stick to Supremes, you're going to have to wait another year for the current line to go on sale. You might want to scour any used sporting goods stores (Play It Again) for old One90s or 95s (good luck).
Yeah, I figured it would be almost impossible to find One90s (just thought I'd mention them because I wouldn't be opposed). I had hoped to find some One95s but it looks like they're gone pretty much everywhere. Not surprising once the price dropped since they're great skates.

With my current X:60s, they're really not *bad* fit wise, but over the years of skating, I've developed this very difficult to describe kind of pinched sensation with the skin on the side of my pinky toes and with the nail on my big toe, because the toe cap on the Vapor line just seems a tad too narrow for my foot. I wouldn't be considering new skates at all if I didn't have the problem with having to replace the holders/steel already, but since I likely will, I figured I'd look into finding some secret pair of One95s that the universe put aside for me before spending the money to repair my skates.

When I tried on the X:60s I tried on the One95s as well and would have preferred to go with them, but it would have meant going up a half size because my size was not in stock. I could have gone to order them online, but I'd have forgone the employee discount that I got at the local proshop because the guy who sold me my skates was a goalie I must have played with 300 times growing up. I decided the X:60s would be perfectly fine, especially considering I was coming from two pairs of XXXXs, but over time I have realized my toes are a little pinches (I also think my toes got wider or more splayed or some thing as I've gotten older, changing the fit just a little bit).

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