Thread: Speculation: Looking Ahead: Our 2012 UFA/RFA's
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07-10-2011, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by mcsauer2738 View Post
Next summer we will have the following players to make decisions on.

UFA's: Prust, Fedentenko, Aves, Christensen, Biron
RFA's: Wolski, Zucc, MDZ
-Good bye Wolski,unless he has a sick season
-Zucc lets see what he does this yr wih the ice time hes given.
-MDZ,Im a fan of him,just hope he steps it up a bit,id still say no lose to lock him up for a couple seasons,if if this one isnt to great.I believe the kid got sick talent.
-Prust 3-4yr deal,no brainer
-Fed1 yr deal,bug fan,great leadership and solid proven vet.Must keep.
-Avery,1-2 yr deal depending on this season>i do like th guy.
-Biron 2yr deal @ seasons end.**** season give him 1 yr deal.

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