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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
totally agree with you on this one. EAT IT, Comcast

yes, it IS a stupid question:

it is NOT about CSN Philly not being shown nationwide on Comcast. Comcast does NOT make ANY of the CSNs available on its OWN system nationwide outside of that CSN's territory.

this ENTIRE thread is about the Terrestrial Loophole, and how Comcast keeps CSN Philly from other distributors by invoking it.

you are either intentionally trying to cloud the issue, or simply just don't understand it.

I KNOW Comcast is screwing some of its customers: customers with Comcast [just like non comcast customers] nationwide get denied CSN Philly via a competitor, while they DO get CSN Chicago etc etc via a competitor.
I understand the issue with the loophole completely. You apparently don't understand the ability to discuss related issues, such as your repeated claims that Comcast screws its own customers.

You've made the claim repeatedly that Comcast screws some of its own customers by not allowing CSN-P to air on satellite while allowing all other CSNs on satellite. This is the issue we're discussing. Anytime someone disputes this with you, you hide under the covers to say that this topic is only about the loophole -when it's not - because you've made it be about something else.

I don't think you understand what "screwing your own Dcustomers" means.

Comcast customers can get ONLY their regional CSN on their Comcast system.

DirecTV customers have the option of purchasing the CSN package, which includes all CSNs except CSN-P through their DirecTV system.

Customers of both systems can have the option of purchasing the CSN package, which includes all CSNs except CSN-P through their DirecTV system.

If those dual-service customers cancel their DirecTV service, they go back to being able to only get their regional CSN on the Comcast service.

Since Comcast broadcasts only regional CSNs to Comcast-only customers, Comcast by definition is not screwing its own customers. Additionally, you cannot "screw" someone who makes a choice to purchase an optional package.

Furthermore, to bring up an earlier point, all CSNs are in fact not equal.
  • CSN-MidAtlantic does not broadcast Nationals or Orioles games. Therefore, CSN-P has more value than CSN-MA.
  • CSN-Bay Area does not broadcast SJ Sharks games. Therefore, CSN-P has more value than CSN-Bay Area.
  • CSN-New England broadcasts neither the Red Sox nor the Bruins. Therefore, CSN-P has more value than CSN-New England.

CSN-California and CSN-Chicago are on par with CSN-P.

CSN-Northwest (broadcasts TrailBlazers and Oregon Ducks, but not the Seattle Mariners) is not available on DirecTV, Dish Network, or Charter Communications because Comcast believes it should be made available on those systems on a lower tier, while the satellite providers feel otherwise, and feel Comcast's price is too high. I wonder if since DirecTV is so benevolent, why they wouldn't want CSN-NW on a low tier for its Pacific Northwest Customers?

CSN-Houston launches in 2012, and will not carry professional hockey. It will have a lower value than CSN-P.

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