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07-10-2011, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by i am dave View Post
You realize utility companies can't just run lines wherever they want, right? Municipalities have franchise areas designated for certain utilities, and it's all regulated (in PA) through the Public Utilities Commission. Depending on the actual situation it most likely IS cost-prohibitive for them to run a line 200 feet to serve just a handful of houses. It's the same for cable as it is for public sewer and public water. If it's just a handful of connections, you have to pay for the extension yourself. If it's a situation where the utility will profit, then they'll run the line themselves.

As for Comcast's "greedy business practices," it's called a "good business model." They didn't become the largest cable provider by acting foolishly from a business model standpoint. And satellite companies are far from being shining pillars of light themselves.
Good business model is to make some of your customers pay for privledges that the majority get for free? Good business is to say to said customers you cant have service, but if you try to watch your local sports team without our services we'll black you out? I'm sorry this is the worst type of "business" I could ever imagine.

You want to talk about ethics? Lets start with the fact that they selectively offer service to whoever they want, and if you dont like it you can pay thousands of dollars more for service that other customers get for free, or you can sell your house and move to a "comcast" covered area.

Ok well then dont come crying to me when people are stealing your cable, finding loop holes in your unfair system, or slandering your "good business"

I'm sorry this is joke if you think that this is how loyal fans should be treated just trying to watch their team.

They offer CSN on FiOS, they offer CSN on Armstrong, but they'll black every other local person out.

Comcast is greedy, its as simple as that. I will take advantage of them the best I can, I feel no shame, or sympathy for such a greedy billion dollar corporation.

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