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Originally Posted by superhakan View Post
I was pretty pissed when i heard about this pick, but from everything i have heard all this kid is lacking is strength. He wont be in the NHL any time soon as he still gets to go the college route.

Here is a post in the flames forum about the kid:
They do seem less opposed to size than they once were. Grabbing Byron in the Regehr trade (who Flames scouts are apparently very high on), Baertschi with 13th and Gaurdreau.

Originally Posted by JAGZx09 View Post
Not sure about steal of the draft but the kid is extremely talented. Being from Dubuque I had the opportunity to watch him all season in the USHL. He was on a line with Vinny Saponari who was a 4th rounder for the now Jets and Zemgus Girgensons who has a shot at the first round next year. I can say without a doubt he was by far the most skilled player on our team. For being a small guy he does an extremely good job working behind the net for wrap arounds and passes out to the open man in the slot. He's got a decent shot but is very good at creating opportunities for himself, usually with some sick dekes. If he is able to at least reach 5'7-5'8 180ish pounds I see no reason why size will hold him back.
Originally Posted by orangeandblack View Post
Having seen Gaudreau and Pat Kane play at the same level and at the same age, their skills match up pretty closely.

If Gaudreau was born a month later, he would be in the 2012 draft, and undoubtedly be mentioned as a potential first rounder. Hes that skilled. When on the ice against Kenny Agostino, I didnt even think it was that close as far as skills, Gaudreau was better.

Hes basically a 17/18 year old in a 15 year olds body. Which makes what he does even more amazing because hes playing against guys that have grown much more then him.

He will definitely turn heads, and is a lot of fun to watch.
Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
I have also had the misfortune of play against Gaudreau. I've also played against Stefan Noesen for comparison, and while what I have to say means very little, I found Gaudreau a much, much tougher player to play against. EDIT: Obviously this was back a couple years, so they both have developed quite a bit since then!

But his quickness on his edges is just something I have never seen before. It's not so much his hands, it's how he has the ability to use his hands in conjunction with his feet with such quickness and agility.

That being said, NHL defenseman are also equally proficient at what they do, so it will be a major challenge for him to dominate at higher levels given his size.
Small guys can do a lot with speed and edge. If he is as good on his edges and as good at changing direction as people are saying, than his size could very well not matter much. Size is helpful but lack of it can be overcome. A slippery player is the worst type of player a dman can run into. He does need to gain some muscle. If he can take hits, he will be fine.

As a 6 foot 9 dman, the hardest guys to stop are the fast speedy ones that can change direction on a dime. Its hard to hit them and hard to corral them when you can't get to them. Sure he would be easy enough to move but you can't move him if you cant touch him.

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