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GM: Iain Fyffe

Coaches: Bob Pulford, Steamer Maxwell

Spares: Hugh Currie (RD), Aaron Broten (C/LW), Frank Mathers (LD/RD)

Notes on why Glover and Fielder didn't "make it".

A lengthy post about why pre-1893 hockey should be considered on par with post-1893 hockey. AKA, "why Tom Paton was the best goalie available".

PP1: Breen - Power - Hergesheimer - Hucul - Siltanen
PP2A: Ahlberg - Fielder - Cammalleri - Newell - Laflamme
PP2B: Russell - Herbert - Glover - Newell - Laflamme
PK1: Sharp - Howard - Stewart - Traub
PK2: Herbert - Russell - Laflamme - Newell

Era requirements:

<1916: Paton, Breen, Stewart, Winkler, Howard
1917-1942: Herbert, Traub, Newell
1943-1965: Hergesheimer, Fielder, Glover, Hucul, Currie
1966-1979: Crowder, Siltanen, Ahlberg
1980-1994: Broten
1995-2004: Cammalleri
in 2011: Sharp

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