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07-11-2011, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Paton's a total wild card right now. He could be the best goalie in the draft; he could be below the pack (unlikely but possible); or he could be in the pack (which is the only way ranking him top 3 or 5 makes sense IMO). I don't see how you can rank him otherwise. His resume is so unlike any other guy likely to be a starter.

The fact that he is the most accomplished goalie in the draft (quite easily), despite the incredibly weak era is what made him so tantalizing and why I knew that if we wanted him, we had to draft him early.

I'll be honest, knowing what I knew about Iain, I had 2 guess as to who he would pick and Paton was one of them.

One suggestion: Get a backup goalie who has a good regular season record who can start a lot of games to alleviate any questions about whether Paton can handle a 82 game grind. Paton is your man in the playoffs, obviously.
Absolutely. That is exactly what I was going for with my post. There are a few solid backups that could be had later on that are known for handling large schedules with good success. I won't name anyone..but I think that would be a good direction to look at.

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