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09-16-2005, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Pred303
i have to admit the same thing has crossed my mind a time or two, you never really know what you're going to get with these new rules..look at milwaukee last year,they stunk up the place on shootouts for the year offensively and finley didn't exactly shut the door there either...

vokoun is such an emotional type player..when things go good,they go really good for him...however i think he can go thru lapses of confidence worse than most...of course being an obsessive compulsive personality you would expect highs and lows..

we need him to really step up here for sure...could mean as many as +/- 7 or 8 points here during the course of a season between being great in one particular area(shootouts) and being mediocre
good points P303...I agree with Vokoun's confidence is his Achilles heel and fluctuations are magnified by his OCD.

To clarify what I said above....I see no way Trotz actually sending Mase in for just the shootout as Vokoun's confidence would never recover from that being the plan in advance.
Although if shootouts become part of the NHL forever....I bet there will evolve backups that specialize in shootouts.....much as we have closers in baseball...that may be used if a starter's only weakness is shootouts.......Big Kohunas award to the first coach to ever initiate it though.......

Edit...vopats...didn't see your post while typing mine.....a setup out of camp with Mase taking them would be the only thing to work in that scenario...I agree.....but very unlikely I would predict. [Since I am sure Barry and the coaches are reading everything we write.. ..they may think about it... ]

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