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07-11-2011, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by famadihana View Post
I've been enjoying your blog posts, but this logic doesn't make sense. The list would be more valid if you had just kept Chudinov off (noting your lack of knowledge) rather just plopping him down as the worst of the bunch.

Don't mean to be negative -- like I said, really enjoying your blog posts.
Perhaps I should have left him off, but the fact that he didn't come over to camp this year worries me (I had heard he was going to be there earlier this year) and I don't usually subscribe to the whole "Russian Factor" but it's worrisome and affected my valuation. Numbers 7-11 on my list are all relatively close (IMO) ....

I'm sorry again for suggesting a deep awareness of the kid (if I did) but people were including him in their lists of defenders in our system and I put him where I thought he fit based on my (previously admittedly) limited knowledge of the young man. I don't profess to be some guru on the levels of Bill Ladd, Kirk Luedeke or others, I just give my opinion based on what I know.

Anyway... I wasn't trying to dissemble, I gave a brief list which was based on my then-current appropriation of their relative rankings. It may have been wrong (and it wouldn't be the first time) but sometimes, that happens. Anyway, I always appreciate constructive criticisms, and will probably re-evaluate Chudinov...

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