Thread: Speculation: Looking Ahead: Our 2012 UFA/RFA's
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07-11-2011, 07:37 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
The CBA expires September 15,2012. It's not a question of the upper limit being lower but how much lower? The players are going to receive less than 57%. The expiration date means the current CBA based on 11-12 revenues will be in place during the July signing period if a new CBA is not reached. Same drill. NHLPA can vote for the 5% bump. Then the CBA expires right before training camp and a new system is in place if a deal is reached. Donald Fehr waits until the last minute to get a deal. That's his M.O. The upper limit could go up again by $2M-$3M in late June and then its lowered in the new CBA in September. Weird situation.
Right, but there is no way that they arent going to include a number of mechanisms to solve cap problems. It is not the responsibility of the teams to spend in accordance with the rules of a CBA that doesnt exist yet. So, if a dozen teams are suddenly 10 million dollars over the cap with rosters to fill, there are going to be multiple fail-safes to ensure that there arent massive desperation waivings and buyouts of good players.

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