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07-11-2011, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester;34902693[B
]And that's how you set yourself up to be disappointed due to dumb expectations.[/B] It isn't Couturier's fault we traded Jeff Carter for him, and that will have absolutely nothing to do with how he develops at this level.

Just like how so many people were DISAPPOINTED that Carter didn't score 45 goals every year.

Its called optimism, and its a characteristic found in 99 percent of fans. You clearly go against the grain, for whatever reason weather its to stroke your own self righteous ego, or just to argue for argument's sake. I love it when you actually contribute something to the dialogue, you are an extremely knowledgeable poster when it comes to hockey, but most of the time im reading posts of your harsh criticism of all things, most of which are mundane.

We are all fans here and as fans you cant clearly look at things objectively , we are too swayed by emotions. For instance, i knew very little about Sean Courterier before we drafted him, now im convinced he will be a 100 pt selke finalist center. WHy? Casue im excited about having a young talented player to cheer for and when i envision his future with the team i only envision it as its highest potential,something most people on this board do as well. So allow us "fans" the sense of some optimism and try not to bring us, or this board down.

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