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07-11-2011, 11:21 AM
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So, Im assuming Im going to have to check through previous draft threads to make sure that whomever Im picking hasnt already been taken in previous drafts (easy enough to follow who goes here & when of course)?..... VanIsle PM'd me a list of available players, and somehow, I dont think Id be "pickin" guys like ********* , Gawd Luv him n' all, but given my druthers, um, dont think so. . Obviously the Orrs', Beliveaus & Hull's, and prolly brother Dennis included are all gone, so I guess were looking through Camera Obscura' in order to dig up some beauties that have been by-passed in past drafts, then trying to sell some of these slugs to the rest of the board?. Thats gonna be fun. Howre' ya'll in dealing with ergodic literature & stats, no links, just stuff I'll make up, referencing people & things that never existed?....

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