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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Are Thomas and Luongo two outstanding goalies? Thomas was on his way out of Boston after last years performance and then had an all world season this year. While 2 of the last 3 years he's been great, his middle performance was terrible. I love Thomas and think he's a great goalie but with any goalie, you can be up and down. Luongo is the most overrated goalie in the league IMO. Other than having an all world team in front of him during the Olympics, what has he won? He hasn't won a Cup. This season he had a great team playing in front of him. I know he puts up great stats for you in our league but how often does the guy steal you wins? The guy is a head case, always has been always will be.

The big question of who's more valuable to our team of the big three I think was answered this past year. Rinne goes down early, we win with Lindback in net. Suter goes down and we have Rinne back and we don't play very well, especially Weber who had to be paired with Bouillon. Is that on Shea or the coaching staff for not having the right defense partner out there. At the time, we didn't really have any options to fill Suter's shoes. A lot of people say it's hard to come across a guy like Weber and his skill set. Well, isn't it hard to find a guy with Suter's skill set too? A guy who play one on one with anyone in the league and shut them down without having to use brute force? Is it easy to find a guy who can handle the puck as well as he does?

At this point, it's between Suter and Weber to me. If we look at our system and certain guys develop, especially Josi, Suter is more expendable but if Josi and Ellis don't develop, I think it's hard trying to find replacements for either Suter or Weber. Then again, we'd just have a different look to our defense corp.

I think the days of finding and keeping a franchise goalie like Roy, Brodeur or the likes of those guys is waning more and more. We saw what Philly was willing to give up to get a franchise type goalie in Bryz but does that move make them a better team losing Richards and Carter and picking up some younger talent. That has yet to be seen.

Two options for Poile are moving one of Weber or Suter and getting a package of good young players/prospects up front and hope they develop the way we hope they can or trade one of them for an established top 3 forward. I don't think you can trade either one and get less than that in a trade. A top 6 is not worth an elite defenseman in my eyes. The question becomes, who would be willing to trade us a top 3 for one of those two. Would Anaheim part with one of their big 3? Would NJ give up Parise? Would Vancouver trade Kesler? Would Washington trade Semin or Backstrom? It's hard to say really.

I had suggested moving Rinne and picking Vokoun back up but the return probably wouldn't have been enough for Rinne and after the comments you and V82 both made, you're probably right on the money.

So the big question is, can we keep all 3 here long term and add pieces to the puzzle or do we try to trade one of them and add a piece up front that we sorely lack?
Every year in sports the big question goes back and forth is it offense or defense. Well Philly and the Cap does as every team does do the copycat thing. Chicago won with a rookie goalie so the Flyers and the Caps tried to do it as well and they failed. Now that the Elite goalies won this year the Flyers and the Caps went with top notch goalies. Wash and Phil are just an example of how the league reacts. But Elite goalies don't grow on trees. Rinne went from top 10-15 goalies in the league to top 5 if not the top one right now considering he is younger than the other Vezina nominees.

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