Thread: Line Combos: What would your final moves be?
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07-11-2011, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Which is what got us into "trouble" last year, trading off draft picks to get Mara and Sopel. Better to get a known NHL commodity now, rather than wait and have to pay later.
Right, and if Gauthier tried to sign Hammer, my guess is he's still looking for more than just a 7th-8th D a la Picard.
Personally, I'm hoping for O'Brien. He would be cheaper than Hannan, is a little bit bigger and more aggressive. I think that is one hole we need to fill.

Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I don't know the situationals there, but I'd be willing to guess that Desharnais got more "soft" opportunities on draws, whereas with Madden's reputation he might have had a lot more "tough" draws in his numbers. So the stats probably don't tell the whole story.
Pretty much. He also took more than double the amount DD did. I would welcome Madden as the 3rd liner. I honestly haven't followed him last year though, so I have no idea how his season went.
If healthy, I'd go for Drury. He's a righthanded center and we don't have one.
Originally Posted by OpenIceHit View Post
You guys must stop with Spacek 7th D. You didn't learn anything from JM yet? If Spacek at 3.8M is healthy and still with the habs next season, he will play. And he will probably play a little less than 20 min per game.

Same thing with Gomez. Even if he keeps sucking big time, he'll play as much as he did last year.
Spacek is a good Dman. He gets a lot of unwarranted flack around here. Ya, he's not worth 3.8M, but he's not a 7th D either.
Put him on his natural side, and he'll be good. I don't think you should expect him to play around 20min if Markov-Gorges and PK are all here.
In 2011 alone, he only played in 8games out of 20 where he was used for more than 19min. Two of them were in the 21min range, two others in the 20min one, and the four others in the 19min one.
If Markov goes down, then yea, he'll likely be over used again, but at least he should be on his natural side this time around.
He's definitely better than what people give him credit for. I expecting him to play around 17-18min. That would be ideal imo.

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