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07-11-2011, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
(PREFACE: Im not saying this is what your saying, implying, or what you mean. Im just thinking aloud here and joining the conversation)

That doesn't mean Kreider wont be a very good NHL player.

He just turned 20.

And Kreider isn't really raw. He's developing nicely into a complete two way player.

Look at David Booth. He played four years at Michigan State (Kreider will only play 3 at BC, he will graduate next summer) and didn't exactly light up the CCHA (Sophomore 8 G and Junior 7 G), yet he can score in the NHL. And Kreider has more upside then Booth.

Does Nugent-Hopkins have top line NHL projection?

We can't sit here and pick and chose players that are Kosher to project and others that are taboo to project.

For whatever reason, there is a contingent on the boards that feel its taboo to look at Kreider and make projections/predictions. Even when the highest projection being mentioned is top six player. No one is mentioning superstar, no one is mentioning 40 goals.

There are guys with less physical gifts then Kreider (and Miller) that reached the NHL and scored. Prucha, Grabner, Moulson just as local recent examples. Grabner isn't more gifted skilled or physically then Kreider, and look what he accomplished last year. Matt Moulson isn't blowing anyone away with his physical gifts, and he's been successful.

Kreider has high-end speed, shot, and hands around the net, that can translate to the Pro game well. We saw it at the WC against NHL level players.

(Remember im not arguing with you here, im just posting some thoughts on the subject, I didn't specifically mean to quote you, I just wanted to join the conversation)

Boyle hasn't necessarily stopped developing. He's relatively young. He may never get as much ice time as he did last year, and may never reach 20 goals again, but he can improve in his role. If he can excel ar being a shutdown, PK, faceoff guy, he could continue to be a real integral part of the Rangers, especially important are those types of guys if we go on a deep playoff run.

But of course the terms need to be reasonable. So hopefully he doesn't get a big head and senate/seek more then he's worth (as an NHL player).
I know you said It wasn't directed towards me, but I'm not saying I don't like Kreider. He is doing well and his game has rounded out very nicely. All I'm saying is that MacLean is like Kreider but 3 years older and he has proven he can play in the pro's (AHL #'s are great). I don't want to trade Kreider for MacLean, I'm just comparing him to Kreider. There is nothing wrong with having MacLean AND Kreider

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