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Belleville Bulls

Head Coach: Bobby Kromm
Assistant Coach: Brian Kilrea

Jimmy Gardner (C) - Skene Ronan - Bud Poile
Dutch Hiller - Billy Barlow - Dave Christian
Jörgen Pettersson - Vyacheslav Anisin - Mac Colville
Rob Zamuner - Stu Barnes - George Ferguson
Loui Eriksson - Erik Cole

Doug Crossman - Arthur Moore
Uwe Krupp - Bob Plager (A)
Jack Ruttan - Frank Eddolls (A)
Keith Carney

Kirk McLean
Ilya Bryzgalov

PP1: Jimmy Gardner-Billy Barlow-Skene Ronan-Doug Crossman-Arthur Moore
PP2: Jorgen Pettersson-Vyacheslav Anisin-Bud Poile-Uwe Krupp-Dutch Hiller
PK1: Dutch Hiller-Rob Zamuner-Bob Plager-Arthur Moore
PK2: Mac Colville-Stu Barnes-Frank Eddolls-Jack Ruttan

1916 or earlier – Jimmy Gardner, Skene Ronan, Billy Barlow, Arthur Moore, Jack Ruttan
1917-1942 – Bud Poile, Dutch Hiller, Mac Colville
1943-1965 – Bob Plager, Frank Eddolls
1966-1979 – Jorgen Pettersson, Vyacheslav Anisin, George Ferguson
1980-1994 – Dave Christian, Rob Zamuner, Stu Barnes, Doug Crossman, Uwe Krupp, Kirk McLean, Keith Carney
1995-2004 - Erik Cole, Ilya Bryzgalov
in 2011 - Loui Eriksson

** Credit to VanIslander, TDMM, Seventieslord and any other GM who helped contribute to the bio's for each player.

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