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07-11-2011, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Mats NAslund View Post
First off all, I'm a fan of AK and would love to keep him.
Second I guess you're trying to tell me that a guy like White can't replace Moen or that Spacek isn't easily replaced by Yemelin Weber or even (A stretch) Diaz?

Gill is not a top four D-man anywhere else in the league except for Montreal and he will not be resigned next year unless he comes back at 1 million.

Montreal has more then enough money as it stands today and next year to sign Gorges Price Yemelin and Subban to contracts.

Spacek Moen and Gill to a lesser extent are replaceable parts.

We're on the same page regarding Kostitsyn, but what i meant is that if everything is going nicely, our youngsters will replace these vets but they will be paid accordingly to their new status.
Of course or vets are replaceable. But they will be replaced with players that are going to be paid as much as they do.

With our current young players, we dont really benefit from a "free" year. Pacioretty and Eller might give us some, though.

(And thats if they progress as they should, keeping us out from looking for a vet.)

You get rid of Spacek at 3.8 ? Well Subban is going to have a similar cap hit, at least.
White takes a good part of Moen's cap hit (slightly lower, i think, though), Yemelin takes Gill's...and then you still need some to replace White, Yemelin and Subban on the roster.
They move on to replace Moen, Gill and Spacek, but they cant have both roles, obviously.

These guys are not going to be expensive, but still, thats 0.7 there, an another 0.6 here etc...

We currently have 8M in cap space, at least 2.75 for Gorges, at least a raise of 2.5M for Price, there is not much left if you want to have a margin for attracting a big contract via a trade or probably make a push for Suter or Burns next season.

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