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07-11-2011, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
TheSabre was, like ZM, a completely alternate personality, or just you in disguise
I had just ONE team in ATD 2011 and that was The Sabre, a username that replaced VI (I renounced my mod duties because I was so upset, and changed the VI name to JOOTG) when I was so pissed off at having my ideas shot down so quickly by GMs I respected (THAT is another story, better left alone). I am a bit ashamed of The Sabre, as it unfortunately became a licence to indulge in negative thoughts and express negative feelings. It's dead and hopefully gone for good. Turninga new page is important.

ZM was just a picking machine, initially created to get the draft to an even number, and 99% of the posts were simply perceived best-possible picks and bio info. Any comments posted by that username was impulsive, like late on a Friday night after getting home drunk, or the like.

I, at my best, am and will always be VanIslander, and under that identity I try to do more good than bad. I'm not perfect and have made some mistakes. But I'm trying to get past them and focus on making things better.

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