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07-12-2011, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by blueberry View Post
I personally don't think leblanc will really make it. I'm sure the habs will give him every opportunity though, much more than most of the guys get just because he's such a political pick. Let's face it, he's not fast , big or really talented, doesn't score. Really what does he do? OK he's a hard worker and he skates ok but hey. He played in the quebec league for god's sake and didn't do much. You think he'll be any better in hanilton? doubt it never mind the nhl. He'll get a sniff only because the habs need him to make it. Reminds me of esposito in a way. It was a political pick from day one at the draft. That's a big problem in montreal.
He played about the whole season with a shoulder injured, I think its not really reasonable to evaluate him properly based on the last season..

A guy like Patrice Bergeron doesnt excel in anything but he does everything right on the ice.. Thats what Im expecting from Louis, a solid 2 way center who does alot of little things very well and a guy who can score clutch goals.. Im not saying he will become as good as Bergeron but thats the kind of player he can become IMO.

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