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Originally Posted by Duckguy View Post
Take more Snap Shots. I feel like too many players coil up long wrist shots that take wayyyy too long to release, and are usually easy for the goalie to read. Look up at an open space in the goal, fire straight down at the ice 2 inches from the puck and follow through to the target. It will be quicker and probably more powerful then your wrister anyway.
My snapper is a wrister with no setup. I can fire a snapper without allowing the goalie or defender even an instant to read that it's coming off my stick. It's definitely the best part of my game, offensively. Having a good snap shot is worth 10x a decent wrister.

The only time I ever take a wrist shot, in fact, is when I'm in full stride and the puck is naturally in a position for me to fully sweep into the wrist shot motion. I would never actually "load" a wrister from a scoring position when my snapshot is quicker and more accurate.

The way my snapper comes off my stick though, it's not harder than my wrister. I still get good juice on it, but it doesn't need to have the same velocity when it comes off the stick so much quicker. It is by far the more effective shot. It has basically replace my wrister; it is a wrister, just with no telegraphing, no wind-up, nothing but release.

I definitely agree that people would be more successful to master and utilize the snapper more often.

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