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Originally Posted by superhakan View Post
posted this in another thread but.....

Need some advice on how to work on my skating, specifically edge work. I have a rather poor and entirely self taught "technique" and i have a lot of trouble doing crossovers leaning to my right as well as stopping with a turn to the right. Any drills or methods to practice using my outside edges??
skate circles. make sure you get a bit of a "bob" going on, each time you are crossing/ and cutting. almost like you are popping off the ice a little bit, then digging right into it with deep knee bends.

I think for a lot of people doing crosscuts clockwise is harder for them to do, but it's something you over come with practice.

Best practice you can do is do figure 8's around the rink's circles. If you can start at the bottom end, do the middle circle, then the top circles. changing rotation on each circle, you should become much more comfortable doing the crosscuts clockwise.

try to keep you hands out, one in front. (your left, and your right behind you -- when doing "clockwise" crosscuts. opposite when your doing them the other way. Obviously this changes when you have a stick in your hand, but if you are practicing skating with a stick in your hand all the time.... you're practicing your skating very wrong. Even with a stick in your hand, doing crosscuts around a circle your arms should be positioned in roughly the same way.

stopping, again practice both ways. do you do t stops or 1 foot hockey stops at all? or just the old 2 foot hockey stop?

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