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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
Being proactive no? Anytime you have a player like Howard you get bidding wars in Open Markets... In fact any player on the Open Market is open to an increased contract. Do you honestly expect me to believe that you don't see Howard being out there would increase his contract... And you are talking as if the Phillies are that bad managed team of the past and not a well built team that has success season after season and is in great shape this season; would you have us believe they are inept and merely lucky?
I never said anything about the Phillies being inept or lucky. Do not claim that I said things that I did not say.

Here's the bottom line: the Phillies bid against themselves and paid for it. You can try to spin it any which way you like, but there isn't a single team in baseball that would have given him 125/5, or anything close to it.

We are in a discussion and I can voice my opinions as I see fit... We were talking about what you deem a bad contract and I stated my belief that all modern day MLB contracts for stars are ridiculously high; it is my opinion... You don't want to debate that yet you ask me to comment on if Howard's is the worse. Please make up your mind
It's amazing that you don't understand this. If you think all MLB contracts are bad, Ryan Howard's contract is still one of the worst. You're just sliding the scale.

I do so by saying that your blanket statement where is applies is often due to those who like me feel that being the second most high it is attune to the ridiculous trend... And often it is said by negative bloggers... Many pundits understood what Amaro did... and many pundits spewed sour grapes.
Absolutely no idea what you're talking about in the first few lines here.

Sour grapes? You think fans/writers of other teams are jealous of the contract that the Phillies gave Howard? Are you nuts?

Of course errors are not the total gauge... for outfielders it is often a case of not getting to the ball; ergo no error.

Howard has worked at his fielding and is adequate in the position and handles throws at times very well... He loses the Phillies few games with his fielding and keeps them in many due to being fairly solid. He may still have a bad rapt from those who have not seen him grow there and from those who hold him up to the elite first basemen.
He's not a good first baseman. Literally every single defensive statistic has him as below average, and the fan scouting report agrees with that as well. You are wrong.

As I said before HR hitters put fannies in the seats... and often a trade can be made where people believe it can't. There are ways o move a contract and in MLB you can eat salary where you can't in other sports... I was just commenting on the fact that Amaro did no paint himself into a corner.
Put up or shut up. What team would take on that contract?

Again I stated that only because you refused to admit that there was talk of Howard signing with another team on the Open Market and how there was little belief that the Phillies would be able to out bid the bigger spenders... I was being sarcastic because IMO you had to have known that had you followed them a couple years back... I still believe you know that was the case.
Except that there really wasn't. Yes, the possibility was discussed that he could leave, but it was never serious talk. He never even made it to his contract year. Find me one article that put the chances of Howard leaving at greater than 50%.

And not once did I question you intelligence, nor insult you credibility for your opinion as I was insulted here tonight... Only now have you guys stared discussing rather than merely saying "did not happen"
Yes you did. You insinuated that I was a new fan. Well, I have news for you, almost every baseball analyst/insider agrees with what we are saying. I guess they're all new baseball fans as well?

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