Thread: TSN: Doughty vs. Subban
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07-12-2011, 09:02 AM
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Doughty is better now for sure.

The question is though... who would you start a franchise with? That makes it a tougher question. Tough not to take Doughty based on how good he already is. But this is one time I don't see people who take Subban as being blind homers. I can understand some folks taking Subban based on the question. Subban really does look like he could be awesome.

I've got to go with Doughty though, when healthy he might be the most complete defenseman in the league. I expect future Norris trophies for him if he can stay healthy.
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I stumble through from time to time partially because I live in Montreal, but mostly just for threads like these.

This is hilariously awesome. Carry on.
Montreal didn't make this poll, TSN did. And they put Subban in there for a reason, he's got amazing potential.

I would take Doughty because he's more proven but this isn't the joke that you're making it out to be. It's based on potential and Subban really does look amazing.

Fans are notorious for overrating their own players, but in this case I actually think it warrants discussion. And apparently TSN think so too.

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