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07-12-2011, 11:14 AM
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i have a feeling he will eclipse 100. I honestly think he can stay healthy, he is so huge it will be hard for him to get knocked down. He knows people will be gunning for him like Ovechkin did so he will be prepared and be okay. If the flyers can manage to get a lot of PPs, you could easily see Jagr kill it there. He is still an AWESOME passer and has amazing vision, so even if his shot leaves he will still be able to setup others.

There is a reason he came to Philly, and i think it was to prove to everyone that he can still be the best in the world. I understand him, he knows that he is one of the best and this team was perfect for him to display his awesome skills.

If all goes well, and he puts up over 101 points this season, he would have 1700 points. He COULD come back in 2012 and put up only 23 points and he will pass Mario on the all time points leader and put himself at #7. All he needs is 123 points in two seasons to pass Mario.. is this what he wants? It could be as easy as 1.. 2... 3!

Reasons on why he can achieve over 100: A happy Jagr with players he likes is a motivated Jagr. Look at the Rangers when he scored 125, he had his buddies around him. Once the Rangers focused on those scrubs Drury and Gomez ($14million a year LOL), they stopped focusing on Jagr for some unknown reason. He could have retirerd as a Rangers, just like Gretzky and Messier did.. how amazing would that have been? You could tell that it was a horrible move by the rangers and Jagr felt hurt and promised the KHL that he would come over.

Also he LOVES helping young players out. His teammate on the KHL that died was a future rangers super star that he was mentoring. He will be AWESOME help to your young players, especially the czech kid.

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