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07-12-2011, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by MattKOTW View Post
To be fair Doughty has also had a lot more time to adjust to playing at the NHL level and picking his spots. Not to mention Doughty can take a chance on the big hits, Jack Johnson is a pretty fast skater. If Subban fails he has Gill as the last defense, which likely factors in him narrowing down his chances even more.
Seen this in a few posts. Get real- Doughty doesn't pair with Jack Johnson. And if he did it would hinder him as much as Gill did Subban. At least Subban can take more chances knowing that Gill will be in the right position defensively. Johnson is a turnover waiting to happen and has a lot to learn about playing defense. Until he tames his free wheeling style JJ would probably limit the chances Doughty can take offensively... if they played together. They don't.

Originally Posted by habfan1968 View Post
Based on the question, which player under 24 would you choose to build your franchise around and using just what we know about the two players which would include everything we know about them both. Work ethic, team leadership, willingness to learn, contract status, cost to play the player and who else is on the team. Using those types of parameters on top of their respective skills at this moment, Subban makes the most sense. I can see PK improving and becoming a top 5 - 10 d man in the league.
Which Doughty already is. So we are banking on Subban becoming as good as Doughty is now.

I'm a big Subban fan, but realistically, there's no way any objective viewer chooses him over Doughty when building a franchise. Obviously we will overestimate Subban on the Habs board, but the occasional comments that this is no contest in favour of Subban are laughable. Whoever brought up the John Carlson comparison is right. Those are similar players at similar points in their careers. NOT Subban and Doughty. I know it's TSN's poll, so I'm not getting all up in arms about it, but if it's close on the TSN page it's only b/c Habs fans are stuffing the ballot box. Remember when Komisarek was a starter on the NHL all-star team? That's the only way Subban>Doughty in this one.

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