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Originally Posted by vanuck View Post
Exactly. Too many players on the Canucks with a lack of hands or no hands at all. Someone said before that this team is slowly being taken over by grinders, and while I don't think it's that extreme, I do think there is a definite lack of "skill". Guys who you know are going to be able to roof the puck forehand or backhand on a breakaway almost every time. Someone who can roof it in tight. Who do we have who's capable of that?

Outside of Daniel or Kesler, who else on the team has at least a 'good' shot? Henrik? Doesn't shoot enough so it doesn't even matter. Burrows? Not really. Raymond? Nope. Samuelsson? Maybe, but he misses a lot too. Higgins, Malhotra, Hansen... the list goes on.

It's why you shouldn't rest on your laurels of being "the No. 1 team in the NHL" and say we don't have room or time to experiment.

Why not experiment? Regular season don't mean s**t at this point, since only the playoffs matter now. So what would it matter if we insert a rookie and he makes a couple of mistakes? Are we going to miss the playoffs because of it? Hell no. There isn't really any downside, and the upside of what you could potentially get is worth much more than just a couple of points in the standings.

No room for learning on the fly? Until you win the damn Stanley Cup, there is always room to experiment and improve. Don't get locked into the mindset that your bottom 6 must be all 'tough' and 'gritty' and 'hard to play against'. While those are admirable traits, the premium should be goal scoring. Look at our offensive numbers in the playoffs - pretty much almost no goal support from anybody when our top-heavy offence dries up!
Led the NHL in goals, top PP, successive Art Ross winners - other teams would kill for the Canucks "lack of hands".

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