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07-12-2011, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
Not sure why you're so surprised. Subban's a charismatic, highly competitive, flashy and very talented player who has rapidly exceeded expectations at every stage of his career. He's fast, physical, and always engaged in the play--far more than any other player has been for the team in a long time. Even though he's not at Doughty's level, nor is he a Norris candidate nor world-beater, I don't see why it's hilarious that Hab fans would show partiality and loyalty to such a player.
I'm definitely not surprised. Neither that the comparison is being made, nor that it's so close. I'm amused. We're talking about the here and now, a direct comparison between the two, and the answer is Doughty. If the poll was about opinions on what the future may hold, or reserved a spot for the obvious homer votes, I could understand. But this is the Habs board, and to expect anything different would be ignorance on my part.

I also very much understand partiality and loyalty. I'm quite loyal to Myers, who had an amazing first year winning the Calder, and then slumped a bit through the first half of last year before pulling it together and finishing very strong both on defensive and offensive plays (10-27-37 +/- 0), while turning down the level of useless penalties (40 PIM) and yet I'd never vote him over Doughty, and very likely nor would most Sabres fans. It's just reality.

CAN Subban get there? Yes, without a doubt. CAN Myers get there? Also without a doubt (and I'm REALLY not trying to compare Myers to Subban). But right now? Come on.

Hilarious is a strong word, and I take it back. I'll go with amused. I just hope he doesn't have a sophomore slump like Doughty and Myers had, because Habs "fans" (fans in quotes because living here I fully realize a huge percentage of the most vocal ppl are just fair weather fans) will throw him under the bus immediately.


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