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07-12-2011, 12:34 PM
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My answers will probably deviate from the norm a bit, and don't get me wrong, I'm a team player (wore a C in high school and A in college) who loves to win and will gladly sacrifice personal accolades for team success, but I also WANT to dominate and am driven to want to be the best person on the ice, on either side. I was coached to want the puck on my stick, to want be the best and that doesn't mean not being humble about it, but there's no question that hockey players perform better when they play with confidence and a little swagger in their game. Extended goal droughts often result from a dip in confidence after a shorter unlucky stretch and many prospects who are "rushed" and end up not panning out bust because they lost the confidence they'd had, dominated at every level before the NHL, when they were thrown into the bigs too early and weren't able to perform at the same level.

That said:

I am the only one who can do the play or skill 3

I learn a new skill and it makes me want to practice more 4

I can do better than my friends 3

The others cannot do as well as me 5

I learn something that is fun to do 3

Others mess up "and" I do not 5

I learn a new skill by trying hard 5

I work really hard 3

I score the most points/goals/hits, etc. 5

Something I learn makes me want to go practice more 4

I am the best 5

A skill I learn really feels right 5

I do my very best 3

(only because doing your very best/working hard and getting blown out doesn't feel very successful and the question was "I feel most successful when..." I always try my best and work my tail off, but it doesn't always make me feel successful; success and results make me feel successful)

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