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10-21-2003, 01:47 AM
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Steve Webb is a marginal NHLer. He has few, if any, NHL-caliber talents, except for one: he is a solid bodychecker, a heavy hitter who is not hesitant to give up his body for the team. He is also smart, in that he will often draw opposing players into taking a frustration penalty against him, as they try to retaliate.

He is of value if used sparingly and in specific spots. A very good team like the Flyers can afford to carry him on a fourth line for select games, as a "change of pace" guy. Do not expect any points or frankly solid play away from the puck from him. He is a one-trick pony.

For a few seasons, he was terribly miscast as NYI's toughguy; that he is not. Won't shy away, but won't win any either.

Isles didn't re-sign him because: a) he likely priced himself out of their range; and b) they needed to open up roster spots for some young forwards like Hunter and Papineau.

A few NYI fans have bad-mouthed Webb since his departure; I tend to think those people are terribly ungrateful toward a very limited player who gave his all to the team.

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