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09-17-2005, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Thunderstruck
Like you, I only watched the 2nd group perform.

One drill in particular gave a surprising result. They had a two player, sprint from the far end to the puck and shoot on the goalie drill going and Eaves ended up matched with Schubert. As these were two of the players I was most interested in, I watched closely. Schubert beat Eaves to the puck by a comfortable margin and scored vs Guard. I thought that Eaves might have just gotten a bad start, so I waited for them to come back the other way. Once again, Schubert beat him to the puck easily. In fact, he beat him 10 consecutive times. As the pairings stayed consisitent and they only raced each other I'm not sure where they ranked on the team, but Schubert sure looked like he can go.

Overall a pretty lacklustre affair. I was disappointed to see Hamel with this group and hope they give him a real shot to show what he can do in the preseason games.
Schubert cheated a couple of times on that drill. Someone even yelled at him "you fuc**in' cheater Schubie!" although I'm not sure it was Eaves. But i agree, Schubert can skate.

With this particular drill I noticed how frequently players used their stick to try to hook, hold or disrupt the other player. Granted these aren't the guys who'll make the team this year (except Pothier and possibly Schubert) but it's going to take a ton of patience from us fans in the early going. Assuming the League is serious about the crackdown, it's going to take a while for 95% of the players to break the habit.

Thank god Ottawa has one of the best PPs in the League.

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