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Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
I was arguing the fact that the person I quoted said Tarasenko's high-end skill is much, much higher than Filatov's.


The new NHL is BASED on speed and stick skills.

See: Jeff Skinner, Erik Karlsson, Tobias Enstrom, Patrick Kane.

Also I don't get your rebuttal here...

Filatov is to Patrick Kane as Tarasenko is to Toews.

Just because Toews has 2 way effort, physical game and near equal offensive skill-set to the players in his draft year does not mean he is bounds and leaps over Kane's offensive skill set, there is a word for that that many HFboarders love, Intangibles. It's actually Kane who wins in terms of skill against Toews.

If you told me that Tarasenko is a better player to form a franchise around and better player in all-situations I would agree but not in terms of high-end skill.

If the NHL is BASED on speed and stick skill...why hasn't Filatov busted in? Zherdev? Why isn't Afinigenov the leading scorer? The game is faster and takes a certain level of skill...those players that you named are much more anomalous than the norm (plus skinner and Enstrom are not all speed puck skill).

Kane wins in-terms of skating, puck-handling, and maybe release. But, if I had to pick which one I wanted to go 1-1 with an elite defender it would be Toews every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Strength on the puck, to me, is a much more valuable high-end skill than stick work and speed.

Defenders are getting faster and faster to the point where it makes it almost as hard as it once was to pull off flashy dekes. There's not a lot of walking around defenders that takes place from shift-to-shift. By comparison, strength on the puck is valuable every shift.

And lets not forget that defensive skill-sets are a part of "skill-set" seem to be ignoring this throughout your arguments. The all-around, high-end, skill-set of Tarasenko is much, much higher.

As far as what I'm trying to tell you about Tarasenko vs Filatov, from what I've seen Tarasenko will be more offensively effective in the NHL. The reason, aside from his near equal puck handling and skating attributes, is that he is stronger on the puck than most current NHLers (and Filatov)...and he's more than capable of abandoning going through a defender and instead going around them -- using his high end skill.

Again, my assessment means squat...and none of this matters until they are both in the NHL...but if you honestly cant see the difference between these two then...

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