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07-12-2011, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Okay, great. But that wouldn't be an issue if this had been the Rangers. If this had been the Rangers, he almost certainly wouldn't have left. How he dealt with Nashville may not be to your liking, but since it wouldn't really be an issue here, what relevance does it hold?

He's a very skilled, multi-faceted offensive player. I'd love to have him here. And I'm sure David Poile would love to have him back, as well, whether it be as a player or an asset.
He wouldn't have left the Rangers if he was homesick and offered 10 times more money to play somewhere else? Based on what? NYC is easier to "find your place" in than Nashville, especially if you're an ethnic minority but I don't think that allows us to say for sure that he would or wouldn't have done the same thing to this team. Further more, that's not really the point. I was asking us to imagine if it were our team so that we could try to understand just how much of a negative affect his actions had on his franchise. Its easy to laugh at a different franchise's failure but when its yours you get a better idea of the real consequences of something like this.

The relevance that it holds is that it reflects poorly on his character. It shows that his understanding of the necessary amount of alliance to his franchise isn't the same as most other players' or most fans'. This team seems to be putting a high value on character lately whether you think its right or not.

He may well be very skilled and a great offensive player but if you can't count on him to hold up his end of a deal what good is that?

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