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07-12-2011, 03:55 PM
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Like others have stated, if I were you I'd definitely be thinking long and hard about whether or not you should continue to play hockey, period. 7 concussions is a lot, you should definitely have a good talk with a doctor who has a lot of experience with head injuries - you've talked to your brother who's a doctor, but what kind of doctor is he? If he's a dermatologist, cardiologist, etc. then his concussion knowledge could be fairly limited. Even among specialists in the field (like neurologists) concussions seem to be somewhat poorly understood.

If you are absolutely, 100% set on continuing to play, I'd personally just go for whatever high end, seemingly protective helmet fits best. As others have stated all helmets offer only minimal protection against concussions, their main goal is to stop your skull from cracking when it hits the ice, but something is better than nothing. The Cascade M11 seems to get the most hype protection-wise, but so few scientific studies have been done comparing different helmets that nobody knows for sure, most of the "information" out there is just marketing. Get whatever fits best.

Also, sounds like you've been playing beer league, which as you say has a decent amount of contact despite being supposedly non contact. Way less than contact hockey, but still enough to cause problems if you have a serious concussion history. Have you considered switching to a relaxed/chill pickup league instead? The pickup hockey I've played has generally been a lot less intense/competitive, with a lot less contact, could be a good option.

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