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Originally Posted by kevindank View Post
My question about the s19 is, with it being so light does that take away at all from the protection factor?
No. It's designed and built in an entirely different way than any other hockey helmet on the market. The lightness is one benefit of that, as is increased protection. It's basically built more like a bike helmet, drawing on Bell's experience (same company, Easton-Bell Sports) in that regard. But the foam is still a variant on EPP, so you don't have to replace the helmet after a big hit like you would with a bike helmet.

The downside is fit, or rather lack thereof. It's not going to fit nearly as many people as more traditional designs do.

To the OP: have a serious chat with your doctor before continuing to play. If you do decide to play, Bauer, Easton, and Cascade (M11) are the ones I would look at. Reebok's 11k looks great, but isn't out yet. the 8k is solid, but it predates the helmet arms race that Bauer, Easton and Cascade have had recently. CCM hasn't done much on the helmet front for a while.

Personally I use a Bauer 9500 (now the 9900 with a few tweaks, including the way it fits), and like that well enough.

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