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Originally Posted by chubaka View Post
so how do people calculate their in and out than if there's a big X in calorie going out? Is there a way to calculate or an average number a normal body burn everyday?
There's different online calculators that can give you a general idea of where you should be, based on age, weight, height and BF %.

If you don't trust them, all it takes is a little tinkering on your own to get a pretty good idea of where you should be.

If you have no idea about what foods are worth what, get a food scale and write everything you eat down. Failing that (too much work) don't worry about calories as much for a few weeks of your routine, eat lean meats, fruits/veggies (more veggies) and some quickoats for breakfast and you should be all set.

You'll find if you're eating healthy and exercising cardio/strengthtraining it is really hard to over eat, unless you're bulking and are over eating with a purpose.

Your first few weeks I would focus on healthy choices and exercise then worry about calories, if you see no change after a few weeks then maybe count your calories a little closer.

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