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07-12-2011, 06:45 PM
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Long term, who stays at C?

Leafs fan here, but I've grown to like the Flyers and a lot of their players. With the acquisition of Brayden Schenn and the drafting of Sean Couturier you guys have 2 centers who could easily develop into top 6 (1st or 2nd line) types in the next few years, and obviously you've already got 2 great top 6 centers in Giroux and Briere. While there's nothing wrong with having a top notch C on the 3rd line, having one on the 4th line is not making great use of your assets. Long term (a few years down the line), assuming both Schenn and Couturier develop well, what do you see happening? Some options:

a) Someone moves to the wing (Giroux seems the most likely candidate, but possibly one of Schenn or Couturier?)
b) Someone gets traded (who would be most likely?)
c) By the time Couturier is ready, Briere has declined to the point where this is not an issue (not likely IMO, I see Couturier being ready pretty soon)
d) Homer is gonna keep shaking up the team, in 2-3 years this team is gonna be completely different regardless!

Obviously nobody can tell the future, but I'm just curious to hear the opinions of Flyers fans. Too much talent at C is a very good problem to have, but long term it is something that will have to be resolved, one way of the other.

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