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10-21-2003, 04:18 AM
Joe Cole
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wow....usually I am pretty sensitive to these kind of situations, but this caught me totallly off guard. If this is the case, then Gainey is SO much better a GM then I am used to. Usually you can tell a trade is coming a mile away, and that visability lessens value for our part of the deal.

Time will tell if what Gainey said is true in this case, "when we make a roster change, I will let you know."

Then again, it seems par for the course that a new GM would attract scouts/sharks from other teams. It usually forwarns of blood in the water.

There are only a few veterns that I would be sad to see go...Koivu, Zed, Bulis, Souray. The rest are fair game. As for trading away a rookie (BG did with Iginla)....we are not close enough to cup contention that one player will put us over the top. rookies do not seem like a likely way to go. Open up a spot for Komi??? For Koivu???

Time will tell!

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