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07-13-2011, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Poor mangement has also slowed the rebuild, they have done a pretty poor job of drafting and surrounding young players with quality veterans.
I think that's lumping a bit too much blame on management, although they certainly could have done better. In the years following the division title, they have gambled on more European players than they have in the past, and while some have panned out, others ended up going undrafted into the NHL and ended up leaving for pro leagues back home as soon as they could instead of playing out the entirety of their QMJHL eligibility and sniffing around for NHL tryouts (I think Stransky qualifies here, as might Knotek). Little management can do about that kind of thing, except stop taking risks on Europeans at all, and I'm sure you're not THAT kind of guy.

Are there really that many bad trades/moves that stick out for you? There are a couple that made me wonder what was going on. Would have liked to have kept Clarke around, but his new nickname is tradebait anyway, lol. I might have kept Desmarais as well. Replacing Cheremetiev with Wiggington didn't exactly work out, but that's a minor "deal". Drafting Brent Andrews (15th overall) instead of Huberdeau (went 18th) looks pretty bad in hindsight, but two other teams made the same mistake after them. I think Ciampini is going to turn out to be a decent 2nd overall pick. Hope he plays with Frk, but if Gelinas is still here, he'll have "seniority" I'm sure. I'm also expecting Ryan to have a decent year, and he was picked in the 2nd round of the same year. I don't quite know what to make of this year's draft, but I know there was interest from other leagues in Drouin, so that's at least a positive sign. Don't know if I would have gone with Furcale instead of Michaud when picking a goalie, but Furcale at least outplayed his backup more than other draftees like Belanger and Cadorette, and I look at that kind of thing if I can't get a look at the players myself.

I dunno, what would you highlight as particularly damaging by management during the "rebuild"?

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