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07-13-2011, 03:00 AM
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I am the only one who can do the play or skill - 1

I learn a new skill and it makes me want to practice more - 4

I can do better than my friends - 4

The others cannot do as well as me - 1

I learn something that is fun to do - 5

Others mess up "and" I do not - 3

I learn a new skill by trying hard - 4

I work really hard - 5

I score the most points/goals/hits, etc. - 5

Something I learn makes me want to go practice more - 5

I am the best - 4

A skill I learn really feels right - 5

I do my very best - 5

Nice thread!
Just thought I'd explain a few of my answers as well.
If I'm the only one who can do a certain thing, not messing up etc most likely means I'm playing with people worse than me which means I probably won't even feel all that proud about excelling at whatever I do either.

However when playing at people my level, perhaps even a bit better then yes, I would feel good about not messing up, I would feel good about doing the best job in whatever position I'm playing etc.

I won't really feel all that competetive nor motivated unless I play with people at least my level or even better a bit above me!

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