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10-21-2003, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok
You've spent the whole game rooting against the guy, why should you quit?
Because the game's over?
Originally Posted by dulzhok
It is sports. You root against the opposition. You don't want to see them to good. Heck, the entire arena yells "you suck" to every goalie that comes to Nashville. Well, everyone but BC.
You DO realize I STARTED the latest goalie taunt that's being heard from 303 (and, of late, some of the rest of the areana), right?

Originally Posted by dulzhok
Apparently he has a shrine devoted to NHL hockey players where he chants "thou art far superior to me. I will never be as good as thou art. I will never take thou name in vain. I will only offer praise to all NHL players, regardless of their team orientation. I am totally inferior to the gods that are NHL hockey players."
And folks, let me tell's HARD to shout all that on one breath.

Originally Posted by dulzhok
People will boo the opposition before the game (it happens at every game in the NHL). People will boo and root against the opposition during the game. At after the game, people will continue to express their dislike for the opposition.
Aren't we back to that whole 4 year old mentality thing? Then again, this IS dulzhok making these statements...

Originally Posted by dulzhok
It has nothing to do with the quality of oneís play. Itís the principle of rooting against the enemy. It's sports. If you donít' like it, my grandmother has a quilt that needs to be finished.
And therein lies the problem. For you, it DOESN'T have anything to do with the quality of the play. It is, apparently, all about the laundry.

I REFUSE to disrespect world class skill (at ANY endeavour) when I see it. The mere fact that Peter Forsberg DOESN'T wear a Predator jersey doesn't make him a bad hockey player deserving of my everlasting hatred any more than the Predator jersey makes David Legwand a great one worthy of my undying praise. other thing. Ask your grandmother if she wanted the current Avs logo or the old Nordiques logo on the quilt.


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