Thread: Speculation: Red Wings in the NorthEast
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07-13-2011, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by HabbyGilmore View Post
no ones going to be out.. one division has to have one extra team.. only way to work it out with the current divisions
Not really, geographically you would take Boston out of the NE and put them in the division with NYR, NYI, NJ and Philly. Then you would kick Pittsburgh out of there and put them with Washington, TB, Florida and Carolina.

Yes, you break Boston-Montreal and Philly-Pittsburgh. But you gain Pittsburgh-Washington (possibly the most marketed rivalry in the US), Boston-NY (they are huge rivals in every other sport, seeing each other more often could easily create the same in hockey), Philly-Boston is pretty good too with their recent playoff history.

They wouldn't have a hard time marketing these changes, even though you lose some rivalry.

That being said, from what I understand they are going to revamp the whole thing pretty soon, so I don't think we'll see that. They will likely just make 4 divisions or something like that.

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