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07-13-2011, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
I blame EA's NHL series for bastardizing what a 2-way contract really means.

A two way contract should not mean a damn thing to us the average fan, it only matters to who signs the checks. 1 way/ 2 way has absolutely nothing to do with the ability to put someone in the minors. Whether or not they're subject to waivers is due to time played and not the actual contract itself. So if a player is on a 1 way contract for 600k they can still just as easily be stashed in the minors it's just that the team is going to pay their 600k salary but it doesnt count against the cap. The 2 way part only means that their salary that the team has to pay when they're in the minors is a smaller amount. So to us fans one way/two way just doesnt matter.

Just something that I see way way way too often and it irks me.
You are correct on the surface, but a player with a two-way contract has one for a reason. Obviously they are more likely to be sent down. They wanted to have that option.

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