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Originally Posted by EkiE View Post
Okay this might be the gayest thing i've ever done, but i think Wild is worth it! And if i hurt someone feelings earlier with Koivu comments im sorry. Okay thats now out of the system so here it goes.

Name: Ville

Age: 21

Location: Korso, Finland

Fav All time Minnesota player (Wild or North Stars): Gaborik/Burns

Fav Current Wild: Bäckström(finnish bias)

Fav Non Wild Players: Teemu Selänne (finnish bias again, tho the guy gave us hope being hockey country for 2 decades)

Fav Wild Prospect: Granlund(F bias again, boring ****er i am)

Fav Non Wild Prospects: Teemu Pulkkinen (this is hopeless) Grimaldi (love hypocrites)

Fav Movies: Departed, Inception + Clint Eastwood production also fan of films involved with Seth Rogen/ Adam Sandler

Music: Eppu Normaali/ 80s metal/rock'n roll

Hobbies: Krav Maga, drunken hockey

Fav food: high protein lvl food

Fav Beer: Keisari, and i loathe Lapin Kulta, but when im in pubs i like to drink imported USA beers

Fav Wild moment/how I became a fan: i have followed wild since 06 but became true fan after you guys drafted babyjesusGretzky (LOL)

How long I have been a Wild fan: 06 i suppose

Origin of screen name: my nickname is Eki, but it was taken so i added 1 e more to it

Jerseys owned: does barcelona jersey count? or is it even jersey i don't know

Married?: nevah

Kids: maybe in few years and they are gonna play hockey for real

Btw, does anyone happen to know is there any exchange or volunteer programs in minnesota for foreigners? Would really love change in scenery and learn english properly + attend wild games! (sick of staying awake till 03.00 am to watch games, my boss is ****in mad at me when im dead tired at work)
Did you try ESPN 360 Europe? You can watch every game live or on-demand.

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