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07-13-2011, 08:53 AM
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I agree the Time Zones causing too much travel kills the All Canadian grouping.

One problem with Divisional play-outs is what occurred in the NHL a few decades back... to often there were the same teams going up against each other in the opening rounds -- remember Flyers/Smurfs yearly match ups? -- and the lack of getting other division match ups meaning never getting to see them in the Postseason... Same old crap each year and boredom... and possible dominance by one club over another; kinda nice to have the luck of the draw come into play rather than familiar foes that know each other inside and out... although there are some entertaining values in that. Bad thing is that it may/often become old hat seeing, let's say, the Flyers vs the Pens each opening round.

Also, IMO it would be a crime to break up some rivalries... Imagine for only one example breaking up the Boston/Montreal/Buffalo grouping.

I must say though that I'd love to have Washington join the Atlantic... Back when the last realignment occurred and the Pens were added I had wanted the Caps instead. The Pens at that time really were not arch rivals with the Flyers although the Pittsburgh fans wanted at he Philadelphia cross state people who forced them into a secondary position in so many things non-hockey related... I like the NY to Washington corridor and felt Washington a natural rival to Philly where the Pens were more a forced one with only the state as the tie... I felt Pittsburgh more of a Midwestern city than an Eastern one. Over time though the Pens/Flyers rivalry reheated and became a great one... But I believe the Flyers/Caps one suffered greatly. Adding Washingon while keeping Pittsburgh is ideal.

Besides breaking up natural rivals... and that aside... I do agree that OVER THE COURSE OF TIME new rivals will develop when ever Divisions are established. IMO realignment should only be done when positively required and rarely... and always with natural and established rivalries a the forefront in any decision.

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