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Originally Posted by untouchable21 View Post

There are reasons why he plays professionally and you and I are on the hockey forums boards. Being "garbage" is not one of them.
He's obviously not "garbage", if you're in the NHL you're doing something right.

But Zach has some serious holes in his game that 3 years of NHL experience just haven't seemed to make smaller. It may be part of our former organization, although we had Craig Ramsay who is one of the best teachers in the NHL in one season was able to help multiple players on our roster with their individual games. He turned Hainsey from a former offensive d-man to our 2nd best shutdown defenseman behind Toby.

But Zach for some reason just kept regressing. Don't get me wrong, there were stages later in the year when he showed flashes of greatness, but who knows what that really means. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Zach is not hockey smart. He doesn't know what to do in his own zone, which is bad when you play defense. Hockey IQ is not something easily taught and that is my biggest issue with belieiving better days are ahead. Even his offensive game which was once poised to be his biggest upside has pretty much gone backwards. His shot, albeit powerful never hits the target and often ends up going around the boards creating a break for the opposition.

I'm not on the optimistic side with him because his attitude and work ethic have been questioned time and time again. Perhaps the change of scenery will help, but I will remain cautious.

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