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07-13-2011, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Pushkin View Post
The only reason I didn't put Fedorov is because he was never that great for Russia and didn't play that often...
Pushkin, what on earth does that have to do with him being one of the best hockey players in the history of Russia? I don't care if he played in Switzerland National League A his whole career and never played a single Olympic or World Championship game, if he had one of the best careers of all time (of course it would be difficult to do this in the NLA and without playing in Olympics, etc.), then he should belong in the top 50.

On another note, someone else got bashed for mentioning Sushinsky, so this can't go over well either, but he has played for the Russian WC team a number of times, albeit to luke warm results. But no love for Sergei Mozyakin? I mean compared to basically every player mentioned so far, i wouldn't include him. I would argue he would struggle in the NHL with his style of play, but he has been one of the most dominant RSL offensive forwards of the past 10 years. I guess Alexei Morozov would be in the same boat, and lord knows i wouldn't put him in a top 50.

I love the comments on the Latvians (Balderis, Ozolinsh, etc.). Ozolinsh shouldn't count because he never played for Russia. But i don't understand how Balderis doesn't count when everyone seems to be counting play for team USSR or team Russia in WC, WJC, Olympic, Canada Cup play as a bonus for other players. Oh, and lol about the Irbe comment. Does Nabokov not count by the same token? I guess the OP said you can do the regions outside of Russia in the USSR seperately. If that's the case, lets come up with a list with none of the non-Russian borns on the list.

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