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07-13-2011, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
Well, that is where we disagree. He is not on the roster to be competition for anyone. Nor was Godard. He is on the roster to fill a role that Shero has been rather explicit about wanting filled, and we have no one else to do so.
I don't mean competition in the literal sense. Management knows that the young guys can be valuable. They need to prove that they can bring more to an NHL roster than an enforcer forward. It's not the tallest task, but it ensures that they're not going to just stroll onto the team either.

As I see it, they'd like MacIntyre to make the roster but aren't convinced of his ability to play, hence the two-way deal. With Engelland already on the team, I don't see any pressure to keep MacIntyre just to fill a role.

However, I am talking about asset management and in that respect it is a problem if there is no room for our better home-made guys even at camp several years running (and yes, I know about Letestu last year, but does he get any kind of chance if Staal had been ready? I don't think so).
Even with MacIntyre, we will have room on our opening day roster for one of Vitale or Johnson. All it will take is one pre-season injury up front to have the space to keep both of them up front. Injuries have happened so often that Shero seems to plan for them, which is why I don't even see this as an asset management problem. It might be in theory, but in practice, roster spots are going to open up.

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